Keep Calm and Line Dance On

Welcome to your source for everything Line Dancing!

We’re glad you’re here, and we’re excited to keep you up to date with all of the growing we’ve got plan over the next few months, and beyond!

We started this site because we are passionate about our favorite past time–line dancing.

Though a large portion of the outside world likes to ostracize and patronize those that enjoy getting their boot-scooting on, those that are brave enough to give it a go are rewarded with all the fun that comes with line dancing including:

Get Your Workout In

While line dancing is indeed a lot of fun, its also a great workout as well!  You won’t even realize, while you’re having fun romping around, that your body is getting a good carido workout in as well!  The best part is, the more you enjoy your line dancing, the longer the workout lasts!  Get to stomping those boots so loud, that someone will think there’s a tree service company doing their thing outside!

Get In Sync With Your Friends and Significant Others

Line dancing is not only fun, its a great way to learn and get in-tune with those you’re dancing with–whether that be partner or your friends.  Just alike a sports team practices and executes game-plans, tactics and formations on game day–line dancing can be very similar!

Get Together

What gets left behind is the fact that line dancing gets you together in the first place!  Humans were made to connect and socialize–we actually fuel up and power off of human connection.  Get your butt to the local how-down and let’s get to stomping! Together!

Have Fun!

Regardless of your skill level, just make sure you’re opening yourself up to have a genuine good time.  Forget the haters and the critics, they’re just upset that they aren’t enjoying themselves like you are.  Let that company outside take the haters to the stump grinder and forget all about em!

The rest of this blog is going to be dedicated to informing you of how to enjoy line dancing to it fullest–by both working on the mindset, as well as teaching you actual mechanics of the most popular dances of today!

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